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Yoga Poses to Follow in Ballroom Dance Classes – Part II

Hello, all you beautiful dancers out there! We hope our previous blog on yoga poses was able to be put to good use. Anticipating the same, we are here with more yoga poses that you can practice in your ballroom dance classes in OKC. Of course, this type of exercise has immense benefits on the human body. That is why Yoga that was developed over 5000 years ago on the banks of the Saraswati River; to go prominently in the Indus-Saraswati civilization has similar significance to date.

Let’s start again…

downward dog yoga pose

Downward Dog

This is great for strengthening calves and stretching out hamstrings.

This classic yoga pose is for stretching out the entire body especially the backs of legs including the Latissimus dorsi muscles’. If holding frames after a few minutes of dancing makes you tired, start practicing this.

How to Do:

● Tuck your toes under from a table position, press into the hands and start to lift the hips up to the ceiling.
● Place your arms in a straight but not locked position and use this to press your hips up and back reaching your chest towards your thighs.
● Press your heels into the floor and feel stretching in the legs.
● Breathe and hold it for three to four breaths.

tree yoga pose


This is great for balance and weight awareness

It increases balance sense and helps you to understand and be conscious about body weight, whether you are on your foot, toward your ball or heel.

How to Do:

● Bend your right knee shifting the body weight from mountain pose to the left leg. Turn your right leg to the wall and rest the heel against your left leg.
● Lift arm over the head in an H position.
● Stare straight and hold your breath for four to eight breaths.
● Release to mountain pose and do it again.

awkward yoga pose

Awkward Pose

This is a great pose to follow in ballroom dance classes in OKC to enhance ankle strength and balance.

Strong ankles are the foundation of good dancing. Unless you have strong legs and ankles you will not be able to do certain dance moves like lifts or twisting.

How to Do:

● Start by squatting down, bending knees from the mountain pose and reach your hips down and back and create a pose like you are sitting on the edge of a chair.
● Lift up your hips with weight on the balls of your feet.
● Inhale arms in from parallel to the floor.
● Breathe and hold for three to six breaths

These are not all; there are more yoga poses that you should follow. Keep an eye on our blogs. Till then keep practicing these in your ballroom dance classes in OKC.

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