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Useful Magical Steps to Save You from Embarrassment

ballroom dance lessons okc

Dance is a show of grace. It is a combination of dance form and the person performing it. Compliments, appreciations and applause are the greatest rewards for a true performer. Similarly, any wrong movement, any imbalanced step, any miscoordination can lead to utter embarrassment.

But “error is human”. Depending on the situation, problems can take place and you may fail to give your 100% to the performance. There are some moves that you can learn from ballroom dance lessons in OKC to save yourself and your partner from embarrassment.

ballroom dance lessons okc


The Foxtrot is referred to as ‘getting out of the troubled step’. This is used by dancers often and it compliments any show. But without the magic left turn, there can be problems with the entire performance. The floorcraft risk has potential to come up here, in addition to bumping your partner into someone else.

This is a three-point move with moving forward, backward in reverse and moving forward in a different angle.

ballroom dance lessons okc


The Side Hesitation is a part of waltz, but it is easy to ignore it without realizing its importance in social dancing. If you want to give extra charm and special effects to your dance performance, you should not skip this combination. If you do your research, the most reputable ballroom dance companies  teach it and top ballroom performers include it in their shows. You can learn it too with ballroom dance lessons in OKC.

This is the best pattern to start your performance and involves side-by-side movement establishing your own territory.

ballroom dance lessons okc


Cha-Cha is one of the most challenging dance forms. With Latin origins it includes a fast tempo, timing, prominent footwork and poise. Cuban Basic is the damage-preventive step for Cha-Cha. North-South rock steps are what most dancers turn to that can save the day. It helps the dancers to store energy and regain their composure due to the performer only requiring a small area required for this step.

ballroom dance lessons okc


Tango is an excellent dance form that consists of lots of exotic postures. The Tango Rocks is a pattern to make the performer look great by slowing down the pace of the rhythm. This downshifts the 4th gear into 2nd.

ballroom dance lessons okc


Another Latin dance, the Rumba, is one of the finest forms that requires a lot of space for the performance. The Cuban Walk is one of the greatest patterns you can follow to make a fast gateway. It is also very effective to increase the sensitivity and clarity between the movements of the leaders and followers.

All of the fascinating dance forms of ballroom dance lessons in OKC are available with 3 Sixty Powerhouse Entertainment. You can consult with them and be prepared for your next great event.

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