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Reap the Benefits of Ballroom Dance Classes

ballroom dance classes okc

Dancing at any age is good for health if you are fit to shake a leg. If at the old age you have heart issues, asthma or such issues, before start dancing you should consult with a doctor. Otherwise, everyone is welcome to dance. Once you make it a habit to hit the dance floor regularly, you will start to witness the benefits. The doors for ballroom dance classes in OKC are always open for you.

ballroom dance classes okc

Here are the benefits you would get from there.

A Good Posture

There is no way to deny the effectiveness of good posture. You might have thought this is only to look good, confident and to click a good picture. But that is not all. There are so many things that cannot be ignored. This is one of the pivotal elements for good health. A good posture will help you to keep a good spine and it will reflect an overall health. You will have a strong core and it will let the entire body to reap the benefits. There will be fewer back issues and reduced nerve impingements. As you grow older, you might not be able to hold the fitness like young age. Dancing at your young age and habit of maintaining good postures would help to stop subsequent weakening. Reinforced good posture and strong muscles and bones will be with you throughout your life.

ballroom dance classes okc


Dancing will help you to move. When you move, there will be good blood circulation and this is also good for joints. The more you are active the less age will be able to stop you. The ballroom dance classes are low impact; you will not have any issues to dance, therefore. This is good for arthritis and to keep mind and body healthy.

ballroom dance classes okc


It is all about keeping the brain and mind active. It keeps the mind ready for learning. If you want this in your life to enter, enroll yourself in ballroom dance classes in OKC. You can avoid risks of diseases being involved in activities that increase neuroplasticity. It has been seen that ballroom dancing is quite good at it because it creates new brain connections and reduces risks of dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Reading lowers 35% risk of dementia, golf has no effect on it but dancing can reduce 75% risk of it. Now, this is quite understandable how ballroom dancing can help. You should come to 3 Sixty Powerhouse Entertainment to have your ballroom dance classes in OKC.

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Can Dance Really Boost Productivity And Wellness?

Our brain is composed of a complex network of neural pathways. The more connections we make between various ideas and activities, the stronger our brain becomes. An employee, who is expected to sit in front of a computer screen for eight hours a day, and function well, is fighting a battle. Humans have evolved to move better! It’s scientifically proven that if we feel good physically, we can perform better intellectually and emotionally. The dance will keep your employees’ mind, and ideas flowing, leading to a better quality of work. Additionally, ballroom dance requires quick decision-making ability in regards to physical coordination, rhythm, and social awareness.  Moreover, the enormous benefits ballroom dancing offers are in the areas of confidence, etiquette, and empathy. All of these are crucial for a company to boost its productivity.

ballroom dance classes okc

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Dance and Release Stress, It Can Do Wonders!!

ballroom dance classes okc

The essence of dancing lies in the steps and in the performer. When we enjoy a dancer performing on the stage, perhaps he or she is enjoying it in her own way and relieving stress. The viewer and the performer both have own idea of releasing stress, but no doubt for a performer this is more prominent. Everyone has different idea to rejuvenate the mind and body. Dancing is one of those. Science has its own explanation when you enjoy dancing, your mind starts responding. As a result, the brain receives instruction to release happy hormones and also the neurotransmitter, endorphins. A neurotransmitter is the chemical that helps on communication throughout the body. Endorphins are the natural painkiller of the body for reducing stress and keeps mind healthy. That is the reason people are joining ballroom dance classes in OKC as it has no side-effects other than keeping the mind healthy.

Dancing regularly would make you a fitter person, flexible, broad-minded, and confident and when it is ballroom dancing in Oklahoma City, you will make a better bonding with your partner. You can make it your creative outlet. You can try to make new choreography and you will be able to express yourself more.

ballroom dance classes okc

Overall Physical Health Improvement

This is your added bonus apart from stress release. Irrespective of age, sex, profession, people from everywhere can join a ballroom dance class in OKC.

1.Improves lungs and heart condition

2. Improves fitness and endurance

3. Tones and strengthens muscle

4. Weigh management

5. Improves coordination and agility

6. Makes confident

7. Makes socially skillful

ballroom dance classes okc

Have you ever find a couple panting after dancing with anxiety on their face? If yes then probably it is the annoyance as they could not live up to the mark. But it is never stress or anxiety. There is barely any alternative of dancing to uplift mood drastically. Step in your ballroom dance class in OKC at 3 Sixty Powerhouse, let us prove that we are not overhyping it.

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8 things to know Before You First Step in Your Ballroom Dance Class

Ballroom dance is a general term for different traditional dancing styles including Rumba, Cha-Cha, Tango, Waltz, and Fox Trot, to name a few. Attending your very first ballroom dance lesson can be incredibly intimidating. The good news is that learning ballroom dance is easier than you might expect. You may be thinking ‘what if I look silly?’ Not to worry! The instructors here at 3Sixty Entertainment Powerhouse are here to prepare you for a fun, comfortable and enjoyable dance experience! Below are a few things you should know before your first ballroom dance class.

ballroom dance classes okc

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Precautions to Avoid Injuries in Ballroom Dance Classes

ballroom dance classes okc

Ballroom dance is one of the most graceful dance forms that can put you in the limelight at any event. Other than being praised and celebrated, you can enjoy several other benefits from it. Apart from being healthy with the body and mind, and improved relationship with your partner, it can also help you to stay young from within. There is no age bar when joining ballroom dance classes in OKC.

While learning this dance form, especially if you are an experienced dancer, you may face difficulties when adopting the steps. As it incorporates lots of bodily involvement, injuries are not surprising as well. No matter which dance class you join, you may have to face this. Does it mean that you should skip your passion and zeal of learning this dance form? Of course not. You can avoid such accidents easily. Here are some precautionary steps to avoid any unpleasant events take place.

ballroom dance classes okc

Wearing The Right Clothes And Shoes

While learning, you should be comfortable in your clothes. This goes both for shoes and dresses. Stilettos may look stunning when you wear them for an event, but they are not a good choice for ballroom dance classes in OKC. Most learners use flats or bare feet when they start out. Dancing requires a lot of balance and when you are at the initial stages of learning, you should avoid high heeled shoes that can make you trip over. Dresses should not be very tight; it should be something in which you can breathe well and move in.

ballroom dance classes okc

Sustaining Energy

It is a bad idea to start the lesson on an empty stomach. But you shouldn’t take in a full meal either before you start dancing. Make sure you have eaten something small though and you are quite hydrated. Otherwise, you may feel weak while doing the steps.

ballroom dance classes okc

Warm up

In order to avoid injuries a good warm-up before dancing is very important. This mainly includes cardio-vascular exercises that prevent getting injured while dancing.

Your mentors at ballroom dance classes in OKC are enough experienced to guide you with the right way to perform ballroom dance. Your responsibility will be following their instructions properly. This will help you to learn and also to avoid injuries. 3Sixty Powerhouse Entertainment is a reputable dance institute, where you can learn a pure form of ballroom dance with fun and enjoyment.

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Dance Like No One Is Watching – Enroll In Ballroom Dance Classes

ballroom dance classes okc

Can you dance? Are ballroom dance steps like a cakewalk for you? Then why don’t you participate in a competition? If you have talent, showcase it, get an award for it. This is the way to be appreciated for your moves, behind which you have put a lot of effort in to make perfect. Even if you do not hold a title in a competition, it is a great way to exhibit your skills and to gain confidence. Who knows, maybe in the next competition, you win a title!

How Does a Competition Work?

In Oklahoma City, ballroom dance classes are designed in such a way that students can easily participate in a competition and win. You can either enroll yourself for a one-day event or for weekend competition; you will be ready for anything. The mentors of the class will help you to learn every nook and cranny of the dance. Make sure to sign up or register on time for the competition, know the terms and conditions and requirements of it as well. Without knowing the details of the competition, especially the rules, you may not be able to compete. Discuss the requirements of your competition with your mentor in a ballroom dance class in OKC, it will help you to prepare better.

ballroom dance classes okc

Prepare for a Competition

This is the most crucial part of any competition. You literally cannot choreograph on stage and perform. It requires a lot of practice, coordination with a partner, sense of rhythm and music, as well zeal to win. How do you prepare to be a winner? Here it is:

  • First, find the right partner. You can approach your partner at your ballroom dance class in OKC or you can find your step-mate in your real-life partner. You should find one who can match steps with you, comfortable to hold you, challenge you, keep balance with you and make the entire performance a better one.
  • Once you have decided on your partner, it is time to groove. You need to brush up your skills in a ballroom dance class. Though there are plenty of online dance tutorials, nothing can beat instructions that you can get in a class. In a class, the mentor will always be there to correct your posture, which online tutorials cannot do.
  • There is still no alternative to practicing. The more you practice, the more you will have sharp steps. If you turn on a video camera to record your dancing; it will help you to spot and correct your mistakes.
  • Now it is the right attire. You should give attention to everything, from your shoes to dress, makeup and hairstyle. Find the perfect pair of shoes for the ballroom dance class. Next either you can buy readymade clothes or get them tailor-made. It should be flowing but not very long. You can go minimal on makeup so that viewers focus will be on your dancing. Tie up your hair in a top knot or in a bun. Loose hairs will fall on your face otherwise and distract you from dancing.
  • Before stepping on the stage, you should make up your mind to be confident about yourself and your partner. Remember, your lack of confidence can also let down your partner. Be calm and relax to amp up for the event. Listen to music, read books but do not worry about the results. Give your feet a good rest just before the day. You already have learned everything you can in your classes.


ballroom dance classes okc

Are you in search of a good ballroom dance class in OKC? Come to 3Sixty Powerhouse Entertainment. This is the place where you can be competition ready. The mentors will guide you from A-Z, you just need to focus on dancing. Put everything on their shoulder, they know how to take care of it all. Prepare yourself for a dance lesson and put the stage on fire!

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Health Benefits of Ballroom Dancing

If you want to learn some new skills that are fun to show off, then try ballroom dancing! This art of dancing started in the 16th century and is even featured on TV dance competitions! Ballroom dancing benefits on your mind, body and spirit. It is a skill that will last a lifetime and help boost your self-esteem, confidence, and outlook. Go through this infographic to learn the health benefits of ballroom dancing.

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Yoga Poses to Follow in Ballroom Dance Classes – Part III

Have you already joined ballroom dance classes in OKC? If you are already a dancer or about to join, here is the final lesson to make your postures picture perfect. The last two blogs already have mentioned a few yoga poses and this is the final lap you can follow while you are a beginner. I hope you have already revised all the previous poses.

Let’s begin…

Low Lunge and Half Monkey

Low Lunge and Half Monkey

This is great for leg flexibility, and to strengthen the lower body.

This is a great combo for building up flexibility as well as core strength and to stretch out tired muscles. But remember not to overdo it.

How to Do:

  1. From table pose, place your right foot forward in between your hands and with knees directly placed over the ankle and lower the back knee down.
  2. Lift up head crown towards the ceiling and keep your hips low and square. Hold breath for two breathes.
  3. Release hips back and lift the front floor onto the heel. Lower chest towards front knee for another deep stretch.
  4. Repeat.

Warrior II pose

Warrior II

This is great for promenade position, peg strength and posture.

This is quite tricky and you need to follow it closely to avoid any mishaps. Do not pop up your shoulder and avoid tilted head positions, these are the most commonly made mistakes.

How to Do:

  1. Step into a wide leg stance and place your left legs in front and face the front wall and turn your right foot 90 degrees.
  2. Stretch arms toward the front and back wall and follow your left fingertips.
  3. Bend left knee over your ankle and lower hips. Keep the leg straight.
  4. Hold this position for four breaths traditionally, but mentors of ballroom dance classes in OKC suggest extending it to six breathes.

Final Lap

Be aware of your body and start practicing. To set fire on stage, these are very important to practice. While on the stage, be confident and fearless. To start your dancing adventure, enroll yourself at 3 Sixty Powerhouse, one of the renowned ballroom dance classes in OKC.

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Yoga Poses to Follow in Ballroom Dance Classes – Part II

Hello, all you beautiful dancers out there! We hope our previous blog on yoga poses was able to be put to good use. Anticipating the same, we are here with more yoga poses that you can practice in your ballroom dance classes in OKC. Of course, this type of exercise has immense benefits on the human body. That is why Yoga that was developed over 5000 years ago on the banks of the Saraswati River; to go prominently in the Indus-Saraswati civilization has similar significance to date.

Let’s start again…

downward dog yoga pose

Downward Dog

This is great for strengthening calves and stretching out hamstrings.

This classic yoga pose is for stretching out the entire body especially the backs of legs including the Latissimus dorsi muscles’. If holding frames after a few minutes of dancing makes you tired, start practicing this.

How to Do:

● Tuck your toes under from a table position, press into the hands and start to lift the hips up to the ceiling.
● Place your arms in a straight but not locked position and use this to press your hips up and back reaching your chest towards your thighs.
● Press your heels into the floor and feel stretching in the legs.
● Breathe and hold it for three to four breaths.

tree yoga pose


This is great for balance and weight awareness

It increases balance sense and helps you to understand and be conscious about body weight, whether you are on your foot, toward your ball or heel.

How to Do:

● Bend your right knee shifting the body weight from mountain pose to the left leg. Turn your right leg to the wall and rest the heel against your left leg.
● Lift arm over the head in an H position.
● Stare straight and hold your breath for four to eight breaths.
● Release to mountain pose and do it again.

awkward yoga pose

Awkward Pose

This is a great pose to follow in ballroom dance classes in OKC to enhance ankle strength and balance.

Strong ankles are the foundation of good dancing. Unless you have strong legs and ankles you will not be able to do certain dance moves like lifts or twisting.

How to Do:

● Start by squatting down, bending knees from the mountain pose and reach your hips down and back and create a pose like you are sitting on the edge of a chair.
● Lift up your hips with weight on the balls of your feet.
● Inhale arms in from parallel to the floor.
● Breathe and hold for three to six breaths

These are not all; there are more yoga poses that you should follow. Keep an eye on our blogs. Till then keep practicing these in your ballroom dance classes in OKC.

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Yoga Poses to Follow in Ballroom Dance Classes – Part I

ballroom dance classes OKC

Dancing is all about expression and flexibility. If your muscles are not toned and you cannot move your legs and hands correctly, you will never be able to perform the right posture to your audience. Not only on stage, the right posture will reflect when you are working at your desk, clicking pictures or even sleeping! When you make it right for every task, it helps to strengthen bones and keeps us away from lifestyle diseases. Who does not know yoga’s immense benefits on human health, be it on the immunity system, several diseases or fitness? Here we will mention 10 yoga poses suggested by ballroom dance classes in OKC that will help you warm up before performing as well as doing these regularly will help you maintain good balance, posture and flexibility.

tadasana pose


This is great for groundedness, consistency, and posture.

It is all about standing straight. It may sound easy but takes a few moments to get it right, understand and focus on how the body aligns itself.

How to Do:

  • From a standing position, keep feet hip-width apart. Your weight should be evenly balanced.
  • Tuck tailbone slightly under. The hips should be aligned over the ankles.
  • Lift head crown towards the ceiling and feel your spine straight.
  • Breathe and hold for four to eight breathes.

staff yoga pose


It is great for strength and posture.

This pose helps to strengthen different parts of the body and all within a minute.

How to Do:

  • From a seated position, stretch legs in front of the body and hands behind hips.
  • Press hip bones down and reach head crown up to lengthen the spine and keep shoulders back.
  • Press the heels away from you and pull toes toward your
  • Breathe and hold for four to eight breathes.

balancing table yoga pose

Balancing Table

This posture intended for balance and CBM.

This posture is all about creating coordination between upper and lower body. It does not involve twisting or rotating but builds up a movement of the arm and opposite leg.

How to Do:

  • Stay on your hands and knees and inhale the right leg parallel to the floor. Stretch toes toward the back wall and left arm parallel to the floor.
  • Breathe and hold it for three to four breathes.
  • Exhale the left arm slowly and down the leg.
  • Repeat with other hand and leg.

cat yoga pose


This is for chest and core flexibility and posture.

If you have back problems, this exercise is for you. Regularly sitting in chairs for a long time or standing all day we build up strange habits. In ballroom dance classes in OKC, students are asked to follow this pose to get rid of these bad habits. It helps to build posture awareness and strength.

How to Do:

  • Stay on your knees and hands and lift tailbone up towards the ceiling. Arch the spine and drop the belly to make this pose.
  • Reach the head crown towards the ceiling and inhale.
  • Release and then find a neutral position before winding up, tuck your tailbone under and look down and exhale.
  • Repeat with long and slow breathing and repeat.

Hope you find these poses helpful! Keep an eye out for our coming blog filled with more yoga poses. Till then, keep dancing and learning in ballroom dance classes in OKC.