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Dance Like No One Is Watching – Enroll In Ballroom Dance Classes

ballroom dance classes okc

Can you dance? Are ballroom dance steps like a cakewalk for you? Then why don’t you participate in a competition? If you have talent, showcase it, get an award for it. This is the way to be appreciated for your moves, behind which you have put a lot of effort in to make perfect. Even if you do not hold a title in a competition, it is a great way to exhibit your skills and to gain confidence. Who knows, maybe in the next competition, you win a title!

How Does a Competition Work?

In Oklahoma City, ballroom dance classes are designed in such a way that students can easily participate in a competition and win. You can either enroll yourself for a one-day event or for weekend competition; you will be ready for anything. The mentors of the class will help you to learn every nook and cranny of the dance. Make sure to sign up or register on time for the competition, know the terms and conditions and requirements of it as well. Without knowing the details of the competition, especially the rules, you may not be able to compete. Discuss the requirements of your competition with your mentor in a ballroom dance class in OKC, it will help you to prepare better.

ballroom dance classes okc

Prepare for a Competition

This is the most crucial part of any competition. You literally cannot choreograph on stage and perform. It requires a lot of practice, coordination with a partner, sense of rhythm and music, as well zeal to win. How do you prepare to be a winner? Here it is:

  • First, find the right partner. You can approach your partner at your ballroom dance class in OKC or you can find your step-mate in your real-life partner. You should find one who can match steps with you, comfortable to hold you, challenge you, keep balance with you and make the entire performance a better one.
  • Once you have decided on your partner, it is time to groove. You need to brush up your skills in a ballroom dance class. Though there are plenty of online dance tutorials, nothing can beat instructions that you can get in a class. In a class, the mentor will always be there to correct your posture, which online tutorials cannot do.
  • There is still no alternative to practicing. The more you practice, the more you will have sharp steps. If you turn on a video camera to record your dancing; it will help you to spot and correct your mistakes.
  • Now it is the right attire. You should give attention to everything, from your shoes to dress, makeup and hairstyle. Find the perfect pair of shoes for the ballroom dance class. Next either you can buy readymade clothes or get them tailor-made. It should be flowing but not very long. You can go minimal on makeup so that viewers focus will be on your dancing. Tie up your hair in a top knot or in a bun. Loose hairs will fall on your face otherwise and distract you from dancing.
  • Before stepping on the stage, you should make up your mind to be confident about yourself and your partner. Remember, your lack of confidence can also let down your partner. Be calm and relax to amp up for the event. Listen to music, read books but do not worry about the results. Give your feet a good rest just before the day. You already have learned everything you can in your classes.


ballroom dance classes okc

Are you in search of a good ballroom dance class in OKC? Come to 3Sixty Powerhouse Entertainment. This is the place where you can be competition ready. The mentors will guide you from A-Z, you just need to focus on dancing. Put everything on their shoulder, they know how to take care of it all. Prepare yourself for a dance lesson and put the stage on fire!

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