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Reap the Benefits of Ballroom Dance Classes

ballroom dance classes okc

Dancing at any age is good for health if you are fit to shake a leg. If at the old age you have heart issues, asthma or such issues, before start dancing you should consult with a doctor. Otherwise, everyone is welcome to dance. Once you make it a habit to hit the dance floor regularly, you will start to witness the benefits. The doors for ballroom dance classes in OKC are always open for you.

ballroom dance classes okc

Here are the benefits you would get from there.

A Good Posture

There is no way to deny the effectiveness of good posture. You might have thought this is only to look good, confident and to click a good picture. But that is not all. There are so many things that cannot be ignored. This is one of the pivotal elements for good health. A good posture will help you to keep a good spine and it will reflect an overall health. You will have a strong core and it will let the entire body to reap the benefits. There will be fewer back issues and reduced nerve impingements. As you grow older, you might not be able to hold the fitness like young age. Dancing at your young age and habit of maintaining good postures would help to stop subsequent weakening. Reinforced good posture and strong muscles and bones will be with you throughout your life.

ballroom dance classes okc


Dancing will help you to move. When you move, there will be good blood circulation and this is also good for joints. The more you are active the less age will be able to stop you. The ballroom dance classes are low impact; you will not have any issues to dance, therefore. This is good for arthritis and to keep mind and body healthy.

ballroom dance classes okc


It is all about keeping the brain and mind active. It keeps the mind ready for learning. If you want this in your life to enter, enroll yourself in ballroom dance classes in OKC. You can avoid risks of diseases being involved in activities that increase neuroplasticity. It has been seen that ballroom dancing is quite good at it because it creates new brain connections and reduces risks of dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Reading lowers 35% risk of dementia, golf has no effect on it but dancing can reduce 75% risk of it. Now, this is quite understandable how ballroom dancing can help. You should come to 3 Sixty Powerhouse Entertainment to have your ballroom dance classes in OKC.

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List of Occasion That Demands a Proper Event Venue

event venues okc

Many people of OKC think that renting event venues is meant for a wedding only. It is a misconception. There are many worthy occasions for celebrating when you may need to rent a party hall. There are several other reasons as well for which people opt for the party halls, but that can vary from person to person. But basically, the party hall can be rented for any occasion starting from wedding to 21st birthday celebration. The list is long; here are some of those other than a wedding.

event venues okc

Wedding Anniversary

When you have celebrated your wedding with so much of pomp and grandeur, you should do something special on your wedding anniversary as well. After completing the milestone of five years, 10 years or 25 years of togetherness, a grand party is worth. It is quite an achievement to be together in a love-relationship for so long. You have a reason to celebrate already. Book the event venue now in OKC if your grand anniversary is near.

event venues okc

Engagement Party

Before the wedding party, why don’t you start the celebration with your engagement? In some part of the world, an engagement party is a must before the actual wedding. You can also enjoy being at a center of the party as a bride-to-be.

event venues okc

21st Birthday Celebration

You are going to turn 21 on that day. It will be your 21st birthday. You are so much excited, right? A celebration is a must on this occasion. Book event venue in OKC and invite all your friends to light it.

event venues okc

Vow Renewals

Many people renew their commitment toward each other and throw a party on this occasion. In this celebration of their momentous occasion, they rent party halls and invite their close ones to be a part of the celebration.

event venues okc

Award Ceremony

Most of the esteemed organizations celebrate their annual award ceremony with a nice arrangement for all the employees. For the corporate party, they rent event venue in OKC. The arrangements are a little different in these award ceremonies but the companies who rent such party halls can make it the way people want.

3Sixty Entertainment Powerhouse is one of the reputed service providers from where you can get the best party halls in OKC. You can consult us regarding the requirements and the budget as well and we will serve your purposes rightly.

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Can Dance Really Boost Productivity And Wellness?

Our brain is composed of a complex network of neural pathways. The more connections we make between various ideas and activities, the stronger our brain becomes. An employee, who is expected to sit in front of a computer screen for eight hours a day, and function well, is fighting a battle. Humans have evolved to move better! It’s scientifically proven that if we feel good physically, we can perform better intellectually and emotionally. The dance will keep your employees’ mind, and ideas flowing, leading to a better quality of work. Additionally, ballroom dance requires quick decision-making ability in regards to physical coordination, rhythm, and social awareness.  Moreover, the enormous benefits ballroom dancing offers are in the areas of confidence, etiquette, and empathy. All of these are crucial for a company to boost its productivity.

ballroom dance classes okc

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Are Your Guests Truly Enjoying at Your Wedding Venue?

event venues OKC

Since you are engaged to your fiancé, wedding preparations are running on full swing, what matters the most is the wedding venue. As you are going to make the most memorable memory there, it cannot be overlooked. Not everyone can afford a dream wedding destination, for those people in Oklahoma there are wedding venues people can choose for that is no less than a destination venue.

If we look in another aspect of choosing a great wedding venue is the guests. You surely want your family and friends to cheer you up and have fun when you are walking down the aisle. The wedding venue becomes perfect when it easy to reach for the guests and has a good transport system so that all can leave happy.

While looking after the venue, menu, wedding attire and return gift somehow most of the families miss the fun part. Taking selfies and gossiping are fun for a few, but if you really want to enjoy the D-day, make it memorable and want your guests to pour with enjoyment, keep a separate place for couple dancing or ballroom dancing. It is not difficult to find out such event venues in OKC, especially when your city has 3 Sixty Powerhouse Entertainment.

event venues okc

Before you zero down the search, make sure there is ample space at the dance floor. A too small or too big dance floor – both are not acceptable. A little dancing space would make it clumsy and people for obvious reasons would not enjoy it. A bigger dance floor will make people tired while dancing. So measure the dance floor and you can set it as per your wish.

You can hire DJ Here. Ask the venue providers if it allows DJ or not. If you are more into ballroom dancing, set the music accordingly.

Opening and closing both are equally important. For a perfect wedding, you should make a grand opening. You can practice your dance steps for perfection beforehand. After the first dance with your partner, you can ask your guests to join you. Use the event venues in OKC to the highest to get a great day.

event venues OKC

You can choose 3 Sixty Powerhouse Entertainment for the day. For a spectacular venue, a splendid sound system it would be your choice among the other event venues in OKC. It would support the professionals to decorate and live up to the mark.

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Dance and Release Stress, It Can Do Wonders!!

ballroom dance classes okc

The essence of dancing lies in the steps and in the performer. When we enjoy a dancer performing on the stage, perhaps he or she is enjoying it in her own way and relieving stress. The viewer and the performer both have own idea of releasing stress, but no doubt for a performer this is more prominent. Everyone has different idea to rejuvenate the mind and body. Dancing is one of those. Science has its own explanation when you enjoy dancing, your mind starts responding. As a result, the brain receives instruction to release happy hormones and also the neurotransmitter, endorphins. A neurotransmitter is the chemical that helps on communication throughout the body. Endorphins are the natural painkiller of the body for reducing stress and keeps mind healthy. That is the reason people are joining ballroom dance classes in OKC as it has no side-effects other than keeping the mind healthy.

Dancing regularly would make you a fitter person, flexible, broad-minded, and confident and when it is ballroom dancing in Oklahoma City, you will make a better bonding with your partner. You can make it your creative outlet. You can try to make new choreography and you will be able to express yourself more.

ballroom dance classes okc

Overall Physical Health Improvement

This is your added bonus apart from stress release. Irrespective of age, sex, profession, people from everywhere can join a ballroom dance class in OKC.

1.Improves lungs and heart condition

2. Improves fitness and endurance

3. Tones and strengthens muscle

4. Weigh management

5. Improves coordination and agility

6. Makes confident

7. Makes socially skillful

ballroom dance classes okc

Have you ever find a couple panting after dancing with anxiety on their face? If yes then probably it is the annoyance as they could not live up to the mark. But it is never stress or anxiety. There is barely any alternative of dancing to uplift mood drastically. Step in your ballroom dance class in OKC at 3 Sixty Powerhouse, let us prove that we are not overhyping it.

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How to Plan for Organizing an Event?

event venues okc

The monotonous life, same schedule to follow, work, household, responsibilities etc. make us exhausted. A small change like an event makes us energized and geared up. Besides, there are many other benefits of arranging and attending an event starting from business growth to pure entertainment. Basically, this is a trend to organize an event for business exposure and get connected.

People in Oklahoma are fond of the dance events. Are not you? Public events where large-scale dance performances are involved always invite the most of people’s interest. But many people find it difficult to get the right event venues in OKC. There are the event management companies to help them.

event venues okc

Here, for your understanding, is a list of the points required for organizing a successful dance event.

You should have a clear concept. The people who will be invited to your event should get something unique and interesting otherwise they will find other options for their leisure. Your event should be clear for whom it is organized for. The setup, ambiance, music and all others should be prepared accordingly.

You should have media partners to arrange an event. It is really important that your event comes in public attention and the potential people can be interested in your business. Also, without a sponsor, it is difficult to organize an event all your own. You have to find sponsor suiting your brand and that can speak to the target audience. You can contact an organizer for more advice and planning regarding the event venues in OKC and others.

You have to keep it safe. Your guests should not feel uncomfortable and unsafe. Space should be large enough and so is the entrance.

You have to make the event engaging so that the guests wouldn’t get bored and participate in the event fully.

event venues OKC

No matter whether you are searching for the event venues in OKC or looking for arranging the entire event, you can hire an event management company to do it on your behalf. Call 3Sixty Powerhouse Entertainment now!

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Your Must-know List Before Arranging a Dinner Dance Event

event venues OKC

A great dance dinner event is something that everyone looks for at the festive season. The more we move towards the year ending, the more we are in a party mood. Everyone not really likes the idea of hopping pubs; some want it more refreshing, calm yet exciting and classy. Even for the wedding, anniversary or any special night being a host, you can throw a dinner for your guests where they can even perform and enjoy! Most of us like the idea of dancing at a party; everyone is not a dabbler or amateur dancer, amongst your guest list you can find really good dancers. For them, the party is really they want to jump in, where others can enjoy watching them. But to arrange everything so that your idea of a great dinner-dance event falls in place, you need to hunt an event venue. There are plenty of venues in Oklahoma City. But the one you should book for your big day must be the best.

event venues OKC

3 Sixty Powerhouse Entertainment passes each test and is a paradigm of the best event venue. What should you try to find out in the event venues in OKC?

First, decide on the exciting venue. If you are arranging both dinner and a dance party, you should watch for ample space there. It is the best way to impress to guests.

Arrange guest list alphabetically. Unless you have an arranged guest list you would not be able to fix everything else including food.

When this is a dine and dance party, ask your caterer to arrange light but tasty meals. So that your guests would not have to rush to the toilet afterward.

Keep the dance area open and place the tables strategically, so that viewers have no obstacles to watch everyone dancing. Someone cannot match steps like pros but they do like watching!

At the event venue in OKC, other than playing recorded music, you can call live music. A live band is always more encouraging and drags everyone on the dance floor. After the initial uneasiness, you will find everyone putting steps together. Moreover, guests can request their favorite track to play on for dancing.

At the event venue in Oklahoma City, you can throw a theme party. Like for Halloween or for Christmas Eve, you can give a dress code, color code or a theme.

Make sure to find out a venue where after the end of the event, the guests can use public transport if they wish so. Many of them might not bring a personal car and wish to go back home using public transport. So if it is in a remote location, your guests might face trouble.

event venues OKC

As we told, 3 Sixty Powerhouse Entertainment is a place where you can get every aforementioned facility. This event venue in OKC also offers ballroom dance classes in Oklahoma City. For your query, drop a message today!

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How to Choose an Event Venue and Make Party More Exciting?

event venues okc

While planning for an event, what comes to mind first? We know blocking the date is the primary concern, but what is next? It is the venue! When you are about to throw an anniversary party, birthday party or a celebration party for your son or daughter’s graduation, you must want the place to be exciting.

The essence of the party depends on the venue, the arrangements and of course on food. While talking about a party arrangement, how can we forget guests? An accessible location to parking, temperature control inside the venue, and whatever else matters to your guests’ comfort. If you plan right with the venue, making the guests happy comes naturally. Before booking your event venues in OKC for the upcoming big days of your life, follow this checklist.

  • Who are your guests and how many have you invited? If you have a short guest list and you want to enjoy the day with a few close people, then book the place accordingly. A venue too large will make the party feel small.
  • Know the likes and dislikes of your guests well. If it is a corporate event, then ask an event manager to decorate the venue appropriately.
  • One of the most important attractions of a party is what you are offering to eat. Keep plenty of easy-to-eat options available for different palates and needs including vegetarian options.
  • Accidents can happen at any time. Keep a first aid kit handy.
  • You cannot forget the location. If you select a remote place that is inconvenient to reach, either you have to arrange transport for your guests or you can look for a convenient alternative.
  • Keep an eye on the weather forecast. If it is about to rain, arrange for tents for an outdoor event.
  • Depending on the type of event you can hire some security. This may just be for ensuring only invited guests are allowed access.

event food

How to Make Event Special?

  1. Offer a guest book or keep a photobooth to give guests the sense that their attendance is exclusive and valuable.
  2. To pull crowds and to make it memorable for the guests, you can hire a DJ or arrange for a live performance at your event venue in OKC.
  3. To make the day lively, you can host games like trivia, costume or dance competitions.
  4. Lastly, welcome guests on your own. Be warm to all of them and allow a few minutes to interact with each of them.

If you are planning to celebrate a special day, contact 3 Sixty Powerhouse. Your search for event venues in OKC ends here and you will get everything you need to host a memorable party!

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7 Tips to Select an Appropriate Event Venue

event venue

When you are inviting people to your event, you cannot leave any room for imperfection. For the planning an event, the first thing to set is a venue. Only once this is complete can the rest of the details be determined. People find it difficult to choose the right venue for their event and often they can make the wrong choice. Needless to say, the grace of the party and expected vibe are spoiled due to inappropriate venue choice. Did you know, even for choosing the right venue, you need proper guidance? Here is some for you.

The Budget

Before you choose any event venue in OKC, your budget is important to know and you should find a venue accordingly. Be acquainted with the venue cost, payment options and free dates. If all of those are convenient for you, you need to think of the other associated costs involved. In addition to the fees of the venue, there are staff service costs, cancelation fees, overtime cost and many others. Don’t hesitate to negotiate the price. You can possibly get discounts if you can bring more events to the venue. Based on the terms, a written agreement can save you money.

event venues okc

The Availability of Date

Before planning an event, mind the date and season. According to the season, the venue-cost varies. If you plan the event in a highly desired time of the year, you may end up paying a lot extra. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the event venue in OKC when the cost is comparatively low. Always start planning for the venue six months prior to the event.

event layout

Layout, Capacity and Storage

Many people think that getting a large space is safer, but guests neither want it to far-spread out or very cramped. According to the number of guests you are inviting, you need to select a location that people can be comfortable to sit, chat and have food. There should be a break-out area as well. Make sure that the space for dining is suited for equipment placement, stage designing and a dance floor.

event venues okc

Electrical Items’ Setup

Depending on the type of event, you need to look for proper access to mics, speakers, lighting arrangements, projectors and other electrical setup. Other than that, internet connectivity and charging stations should also be available for making the event comfortable for all your guests. For safety, the efficiency of those electrical items should be checked.


If the event venue in OKC is inaccessible for most of the guests, it would be a hassle for them to attend the party. It needs to be well connected with public transport. Moreover, the location should facilitate an adjacent parking lot.

event food

About Food

When you decide on a catering for the event, be sure that the food covers the most common preferences. Ask the caterer to arrange for vegetarian, non-vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free food.


Check if the event venue in OKC provides insurance for guests in case of an accident. If they don’t, you should take the necessary steps for the safety and security of the attendees.

If the entire arrangement seems tiring for you, you can ask 3Sixty Entertainment Powerhouse to set the event for you with an amazing package deal.